This legendary Thames walk involves walking 9miles/14km. Starting from Greenwich (Cutty Sark) and finishing at Westminster (The London Eye).map1

Registration and Fundraising

£10- Registration fee

£50- Minimum fundraising which goes to support girl’s education project in Nepal

To register for the walk please email your name, email address, telephone number, home address and your T-Shirt size with any other special request you may have at info@nvf.org.uk by no later than 30th of May.

Please note- this event is dedicated to Global Giving (June) ‘Gateway Challenge’ which involves raising £4000 pounds from 50 potential donors between 3rd of June and 3rd of July 2013. We must meet the target in order to qualify for a permanent place on the Global Giving fundraising community.

Why we are participating in the gateway challenge?

Well, Global Giving has been one of the best platforms to raise funds for small grassroot projects. The only way to join the Global Giving fundraising community is through the gateway challenge. A permanent place on global giving fundraising community means a lot for small organisation like NVF. More importantly, the challenge creates an opportunity for us to fully involve in online fundraising.

Guidance, suggestions and fundraising timetable;

From now until 30th   of May

All walkers must be registered   with us by emailing your personal details mentioned above at info@nvf.org.uk

All walkers must send their registration fee of £10/per person to: Global Giving UK, 75   Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HS

Please   note- Cheques are payable to ‘Global Giving UK’ with name of the project (Education for 90 Girls in Rural Villages   of Nepal) and project ID no- 13972   on the back of your cheque. Please date the cheque for 3rd of June   2013.


Pay the   registration fee online at https://www.globalgiving.co.uk/   but this facility is only available from 3rd of June. If you find   this option is easy for you then just let us know. We will also email you the   direct link to our project on Global Giving by 3rd of June.


If   you chose not to create an online fundraising page and want to contribute   from yourself then please send a cheque of £60/per person (Registration +   Fundraising) to the above address or donate online between 3rd and   14th of June at global giving website.


Download   a donation collection form to collect donations in person and send them to   global giving at the above address. [[Cash and Cheque Donation Collection Form]]

From now until 2nd   of June

Create your online fundraising   page

Create your fundraising page at https://www.globalgiving.co.uk/.   Please note – you will not be able to connect your fundraising page to NVF   project until 3rd of June which is count down for the ‘gateway   challenge’. However if your profile is ready then it will be easy for you to   link your page with our project on the day.

Step by step guide to online fundraising-

1.       Create   an account

The link is https://www.globalgiving.co.uk/  click or type or copy and paste in internet   explorer address bar.

Once   you are there- click on ‘create an account’ on top right corner of the page   and type in your details.

2.       Complete your   profile

Click   on ‘my profile’ on top right corner of the page and then ‘edit account’. Fill   in all necessary details and don’t forget to tick giftaid box. If you are a   UK taxpayer then NVF will get an extra 20p from the taxman for each pound you   donate/raised.

3.       Create your   fundraising page

Click   on ‘Fundraisers & Registries’   on the same page and again on ‘create   fundraiser’ (yellow highlighted button). Select a type of event ‘Athletic Event’, fill in all necessary   information and submit. Put start date as 03/06/2013 and end date 03/07/2013.

Your fundraising   page will be live on 3rd of June for your supporters to make a   donation. But before that you will receive an email from Global Giving with a   direct link of your page and other useful information to share with your   supporters so your supporters know what, when and how to donate.

4.    you can email to people in your circle with your global   giving link and ask them to donate when your page is live (3rd of   June). It is always good to send a reminder email on 3rd of June.

5.       Link your   fundraiser page to NVF project

Currently,   NVF project on Global Giving is under review and will be live on the 3rd   of June. There is no way to connect your page with the project now. We will   send you an email on 3rd of June with instruction on how to link   you page with the project.

 From 3rd of June to 3rd of July


Funds raised between 3rd of June and 3rd of   July are only accounted towards the challenge so please do your best to   fundraise in that timetable. If you are unable to raise enough funds by 15th   of June which is the event date then don’t worry. You can participate in the   walk and raise the remaining funds up until 3rd of July. 

Finally, we would like to thank you for participating in the Thames Walk and raising funds for NVF to support Girls’ Education Project in Nepal. We will email you with more information about the event around 10th of June. Until then, make a list of people to spread the word, buy a good pair of trainers and do some walking exercise.

If you have any question or comment then please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing on- info at nvf.org.uk or call on 07954376665

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