Completed Projects

  • Solar Lantern Project 2016

Currently, we support 101 girls from the poorest families in rural villages of Nepal to receive a formal education. There is no electricity supply in the girl’s home so they cannot study in evenings. Hence, we provided a solar lantern, and now they can study in the evenings.

  • Mosquito Net Project 2016
  • Mosquito Net Project 2009

The villages where currently, we are working is at high risk of mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria. The poorest families are in greater danger of being infected by the mosquitos. Hence, we provide a mosquito net to the families and raise awareness about preventions.

  • Emergency relief to the Fire Victims 2011

We provided emergency supply package to fifty-five families on two occasions when their houses were burnt down. The package included of a tent, mosquito net, clothes, grocery supply for a month and cash for fresh vegetables.  

The villages where currently, we are working experience subtropical weather with a strong wind from April to September every year. The majority of people in the villages have a thatched-mud house and, they use fire-wood to cook. Even a small mistake from anyone burns down an entire village in minutes. Over 80% of families in the villages are poor, and they can’t afford a brick house. The families don’t just lose their house in the fire but their entire livelihoods, such as cattle, grains and other belongings.

  • Local Capacity Development 2012
  • Local Capacity Development 2007

Capacity to deliver and manage the projects lacks in locals. Hence, we provide project-specific skills development training to ensure the project are delivered in time and managed properly. It also strengthens our partnership and increases the chance for the locals to find a better job.