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This project will build a learning resource centre in Bhagawatpur village panchayat which is in the eastern development region of Nepal. The centre will have facilities of a library, computer learning centre, after school club, training/meeting room and telephone and newspaper services.

Learning Resource Centre Bhagawatpur plannningThere are many people who have not seen a computer or touched a keyboard in rural villages of Nepal and if they have seen it or touched it then they do not know how to use it. Similarly, there is very limited opportunity for the villagers to use their literacy skills (reading and writing) therefore the skills slowly diminish. This also demotivates many particularly, women and girls to learn the skills in the community.

£35,500 is needed to complete the project and to run the centre for three years. The centre will be self-sustainable after three years by generating income from membership fee and occasionally renting out the meeting room.

Anticipated outcomes;

  • The reading and writing skills of the villagers will be improved by having an easy access to library and newspaper facility on their door step
  • Thousands of people in the community will gain computer literacy, be able to use it in their daily life and learn online practical courses
  • The training room will play a significant role to raise awareness on various social issues such as poor female literacy and reproductive health
  • The after school club will provide a fun learning environment for children and the community will benefit from daily newspaper and telephone services

Donation suggestion;

  • £10 buys two sacks of cement and we need 1200 sacks to build the centre
  • £50 pays wage of two construction workers for a week
  • £100 buys a table and four chairs to be used in the library
  • £500 will build a two rooms toilet for the centre’s visitors