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Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 30th of May 2018

£22,732 was expended on the two projects. The funding rebuilt a safe home for ten families and sponsored 106 girls to receive a formal education in rural villages of Nepal. The funding also created a job opportunity for fifteen people and supported other economic activities in the community. Creating job opportunities for women in the community motivates more girls to receive a formal education which breaks through the belief that women can only work in the house. It also delays teenage marriage which is good for children and mother’s health. Read the full report>> Trustees Annual Report- 2018

Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 30th of May 2017

£7,955 was expended on the projects and 1,050 families from the poorest of the poor and Dalits benefited in Bhagawatpur, Mahadewa and Bathanaha panchayats of Saptari district, Nepal. Compared with the last year’s expenditure, 600 more families have benefited yet we have spent £1,950 less. The main source of income remains from individual donors, fundraising events and through online-fundraising platforms. Even though we raised less money through fundraised compared to last year, our regular donations and donors have increased which is good news.

Read the full report>>>>> Trustees-Annual-Report-2017.pdf

Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 30th of May 2016

The last year has been a challenging one for Nepal and Nepal Village Foundation. The devastating impact of the earthquake in April 2015 caused significant damage across the country, with a terrible loss of life. For the survivors, the fear lives on and much of the damage is yet to be repaired.

For NVF, the nationwide closure of schools had a direct impact on the girls that we support. The good news is that things are now returning to normal and we can continue to build and grow or projects.

Read the full report at – Trustees Annual Report 2016

Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 30th of May 2015

‘This has been another year of growth for NVF and the organisation has made an improvement in both its fundraising and in the number of beneficiaries in the villages in Nepal. We have increased our fundraising by 50% and now support over 91 girls in the schooling project; our volunteers are continuing to encourage school attendance by all children as part of their mission’- The Chair. Read the full report at [Trustees Annual Report 2014-2015 PDF].

The Project Visit Report 2015

The deadliest earthquake in Nepal caused severe damage to human life and infrastructures which will take years to recover. This has also affected our work and delayed the implementation of the mosquito net project. However, a great deal of progress has been made to improve the partnership, projects and sustainability of the organisations. I have developed and implemented a more robust framework to monitor the girls in the scheme so they can progress in their study better. I have also worked with Sunita, the project assistant and committee of partner organisation to improve the quality of reporting. Read the full report at [The project visit 2015 PDF]

Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 30th of May 2014

12th of June 2014 by Krit Sharma,

We have had a fantastic year and managed to fundraise £6,348 in the financial period. This enabled us to support more girls in school and now, we are supporting seventy five girls from three village panchayats in Nepal. Previously, we were supporting only twenty five girls from one village panchayat. Now, we also funds a fulltime project assistant and trained further nine ‘social warriors’ to monitor the girls. Read the complete report [Trustees’ Annual Report 2013]

NVF announces Dr Subo as new chair of trustees

9th of June 2014 by Krit Sharma,

NVF is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Subo Shanmuganathan, as its new Chair of Trustees. Subo’s appointment follows the chairmanship of Carole Sharma. Carole has been chair of trustees since establishment of the organisation in Dec 2007. Read more about Subo [New chair of Trustees]

Project visit in 2013-  Project Visit Report Nov 2013 PDF