Trustees Annual Report 2016

From the Chair

The last year has been a challenging one for Nepal and Nepal Village Foundation. The devastating impact of the earthquake in April 2015 caused significant damage across the country, with a terrible loss of life. For the survivors, the fear lives on and much of the damage is yet to be repaired.

For NVF, the nationwide closure of schools had a direct impact on the girls that we support. The good news is that things are now returning to normal and we can continue to build and grow or projects.

NVF also experienced the direct impact of the closure of the Nepal/India border when we were desperately trying to import mosquito nets for the villagers. A huge amount of patience and tenacity was required but they finally made it across the border and have since been distributed.

So 2015 may not have been plain sailing but we are proud of how Nepal and NVF bounced back from these challenges.

I am thrilled that we’re making a difference to the 101 girls that we are supporting through school, with our associated projects in providing bicycles and solar lanterns to support their studies.

Thank you so much for your continuing thing support to NVF. Never forget how much difference you are making to these girls and their life chances. It’s truly remarkable and we couldn’t do it without you.

Read the full report –Trustees Annual Report 2016

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