Learning Resource Centre

Learning resource centre is about developing a learning centre in the village currently we are working. We have realised the need of the centre through working with the villagers. Despite some children from the poorer families goes to school, there never had an opportunity to read the whole set of book for the curriculum. Furthermore, there is no health post in the village, people who can read have no facilities to read any book, news paper so they lose their reading skills, communicating with village people is extremely difficult and there are many villages like Bhagawatpur which completely disconnected with globalisation. So we believe that the centre will play vital role in the community to all ages and groups of people. The main aims of the project are;

NVF works with the poorest and Dalit families in rural villages of Saptari district in Nepal. NVF exists to improve the livelihoods and sustainability, improve farming, improve health care, educate girls, improve literacy and a range of other activities aimed at improving the lives of the rural poor.

To achieve these aims, this project is being developed to provide a learning resource centre in a large remote village. The centre will provide range of services to the community.

A piece of common land has been identified to develop the centre by the village committee. We estimate that £32,000 will be sufficient to establish a functioning earning centre and the centre will be able to generate income to sustain itself. More details at [Learning Resource Centre Bhagawatpur]

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