Current Projects

The Girl’s Education Project

Despite, educating girls has many advantages such as, improved gender equality, health, education, better family planning and economic growth, girls’ education has been ignored in Nepalese communities. It is particularly rare for girls that come from poor and Dalit families in rural villages of Nepal, to receive an education. The main reasons are cultural traditions, an unsuitable schooling environment for gilrs, financial problems and lack of awareness about the importance of girls’ education. Consequently, this project will support the girls most in need of schooling.

The main aims and objectives of this project are;

  • To raise awareness about importance of girls’ education through family visits and support
  • To provide support to girls who are from the poorest and/or Dalit families and struggling to maintain schooling costs
  • Support the local people with skills by contracting for uniform making, shoe making and stationary supply which will create further livelihood opportunities
  • Co-operate with local government authorities, schools, teachers, parents and locals to improve the schooling environment for girls

How much it cost? To keep a girl in school for the whole year costs only £60. This includes books, stationery, uniforms, bags, shoes, sandals, tuition fees and a cycle if the school is far to walk. More at The Girls’ Education Project